5th Pride March in Prague – Phyllis Plotnick Shares Highlights and Photos

| August 18, 2015


August 15th was Prague’s 5th Pride March. Phyllis Plotnick shares photos and some highlights of the event.

She says “It was amazing in its organization, scope and spirit.” A gallery of her photos follows.

Some highlights:
I marched for awhile with the Roma float (super music and a wonderful feeling to see probably the most reviled minority in Europe out and proud as Queer Roma).  I met a lovely young man from North Carolina who has been living in Prague since 1994.  He was carrying a large US flag high and said it was the first time he felt he could wave the flag in recent years because of the Supreme Court’s recent same sex marriage ruling.  The US Embassy is draped in rainbow flags in honor of Prague Pride and the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Andrew Shapiro, gave an amazing speech of inclusion at the beginning of Pride Month.  We sure have come a long way, in the US and in Prague!  Oh another thing, I would venture a guess that I was the oldest person marching.  The people, at least a hundred and fifty thousand strong, from all over the world were young…mostly teens, 20 and 30 somethings.  I am hopeful that speaks of the young people being much freer and way far out of the closet.  There were many people from Russia and Ukraine there who have no march/celebration in their countries.  It remains that they can be jailed in their homeland for being homosexual.

Much to celebrate, much yet to come!


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