Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for June 2016

| June 6, 2016


By Flash Silvermoon

Happy New Moon in Gemini on this sunny June 4 one and all and wow is this a powerful New Moon! Mercury is once again on the loose and moving forward being a very influential planet right now as it rules Gemini and Virgo. Check this out all of you mutable signs: Gemini,Sag,Pisces and Virgo. Venus,Moon and Sun are all in Gemini with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo.This amazing bundle of Mercurial energy offers us a cosmic /psychic magic wand of sorts but here is the catch….remember the old saying,”Be careful what you ask for.” What may look fabulous today may not feel so delightful tomorrow. Geminis understand this better than most probably they more than any other sign can have shall we say a fluid experience of reality!



  • ARIES – Still feeling that Uranian energy nippin’ at my heels and I know I have to be more mindful of my temper. Mars my ruler please take your foot off the gas pedal and let me groove into a more mellow mode for a change. I know, not my usual speed but even I need to chill sometime.
  • TAURUS – Gee last month or so I had so much going on in my earthy sign and now?Well life is change even though I kind of like the slow mo style. At least Venus is busy this month and I just love her. She rules my sign and keeps me warm at night come over for a good snuggle.
  • GEMINI – This month is just playing my jam and I love it.So much to do and say yet I have to really think twice [but then I always do] to make sure I make the best choices. I am learning that my first impulse is always right but that can be a hard lesson to totally internalize.
  • CANCER – Summer Solstice ah my Holy Day and with a Full Moon too. I am going to get in the water and stay there. Sure need that fluid experience and will go with the flow more easily with this lunation, can’t wait but of course I will. Let’s go for a swim and let the water lift all the tension off our bodies.
  • LEO – I can always find some fire to light me up with the summer heat.I will have to borrow some from Aries and Sag and work my own magic with that.Creativity can be my middle name and I will be looking for a good project to throw myself into for some summer fun.
  • VIRGO – Jupiter still helping me to live large but with Saturn making the square that never ends along with Neptune pulling on me I can’t hardly get the open expansive feel of Jupiter’s blessings.No fair! OK that’s Libra’s big complaint but maybe I can borrow it for the month.
  • LIBRA – I am just enjoying all the air in the cosmos this month. Good time to just breathe and let it all just release. Feels so good to unwind and relax particularly using my breadth.Taking a break from Politrix maybe even turning off the NEWS for a bit.
  • SCORPIO – Come on over Mars nice to see you coming back to my sign. Feeling rather feisty already but we have to go down into the deep water with this one cause we are retro til the end of the month and then POW, watch for the fireworks on all levels.
  • SAGITTARIUS – Saturn, I will never get used to your heavy hand on my life. I really want more freedom this summer and I don’t see an easy way through.Best to live with in my limitations and find some liberation with that or I might just kick out the jams and deal with that.
  • CAPRICORN – My life has taken so many new shapes that I hardly know he person looking back in the mirror and, it’s all good too.Making more room for shifts every day and enjoying the thrill of that. Surprising myself more than you can imagine.
  • AQUARIUIS – I sure do prefer seeing more of us in the streets in peaceful expression of our political views so much better than the Tea Party. Good too to see free radicals as a positive thing. I will suck up all that Gemini Air for now and pick up my signs.
  • PISCES – Always plenty of water these days with Neptune and Chiron keeping us well hydrated. Not always easy to see clearly with all of Neptune’s haze and mystery but we visionaries are loving it. Think I am going to jump in the pool and imagine the world as I would like it to be and then breathe some life into that movie sounds like a plan.Through My Monthly Astroflash, I have endeavored to offer more gender neutral astrology to speak to all sexual preferences and identities.

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