Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for July 2016

| July 2, 2016


by Flash Silvermoon

July comes flowing in on a sea of Cancerian planets bringing oceans of emotion and abundant healing energies and possibilities. Mercury, Moon, Sun and Venus are all part of this cluster with Venus sweetening the vibration which is very helpful with the presence of a Direct Mars in the water sign Scorpio. Water signs and especially the Neptunian, Pisces energies also bring in an abundance of Mysticism and Higher Knowledge which is all for the good.

This watery flow is great but we will want to watch the effect of Saturn in Sag squaring Neptune in Pisces from July 1 for the whole month which can bring out some of the less wonderful aspects of Neptune/Pisces energy such as floods, toxic spills, and deception. With Saturn squaring Neptune we can feel like our dreams are being squashed and or we must get very real about our visions. Can they walk around and bear fruit or do they die on the vine without enough water and juice to make them manifest? This is truly a time of reckoning for so many things. The fact that this aspect will essentially last for the whole month means we will have a whole month to wrestle with these questions and it can easily take that long to fully observe what we are and aren’t manifesting. Big time for cleanup and culling on many levels.

Another long lasting transit with an outer planet is the trine from Pluto in Capricorn to Jupiter in Virgo which also conjoins the North Node and opposes the South Node This will last til the 13th and could help with the economy. That being said, we will simultaneously become even more aware of the powerful corporate under currents that tend to dominate and control the global economy. We will once again need to “Follow the Money “for a glimpse of the truth behind the facade.

More about the water! From June 30 to July 22, first Venus then Mercury and finally the Sun in Cancer all create a Grand Trine with Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. That’s a lot of water and presents a lot of water issues as well. Typically a Grand Trine is most fortuitous and it surely can be as I have suggested earlier but that configuration can also give too much ability for the waters to run wild and overflow as they are doing in so many places now.

Of course the water problems of Flint and the like are likely the tip of a very polluted ice berg in this country as well as thousands of barrels of oil leaks in the Gulf still and weekly. And then we have all the lies and misinformation that flow from the political mouths as if they were true. As I said last month with this level of treachery it is crucial for you to trust your own voice and guidance when it comes to these matters and open up your Third Eyes wide!

July 2 Mars Direct is the focal point of a YOD, Finger of God/Goddess which includes the Moon sextile Uranus which can unleash some very intense and somewhat unpredictable energy. Tempers can flare based on old unresolved emotions. Politically and personally it could seem like it is coming out of the blue but in reality the events and momentum has been brewing for some time. I am hoping this does not result in some horrifying event. I do not want to be right about such predictions so let’s all project some good prayers for a peaceful weekend and at the same time stay out of places and away from people who can tend to bring out the worst be it personal or global.

Last month I could feel the energy building right before the Orlando Massacre and it had me up all night and then I saw the late news come across the TV screen at 2:30 am and then I was awake for the rest of the night feeling like I was personally kicked in the gut, stabbed in the heart by this event only 2 hours away and like I had to somehow report this tragedy.

Many years ago when my first teacher Rev Phyllis Woodbury was reading my past lives, she told me that I started one of the first major newspapers in this country that still exists. She told me that it was the Philadelphia Inquirer and that if I looked through their records I could find a picture of myself. Never did that but this deep inner need to carry the news still calls me. On another level I feel as though part of my “job” is to share important information in a way that helps people not feel so burdened or fearful, to help Raise the Vibe for the Tribe as I always say. This is why I am doing my best to get this post out before the weekend unfolds.

Even though the Orlando Massacre was an incredibly horrific event, I can see daily how there have been many positive repercussions in the world. Our hearts have been cracked open by the extreme pain of such loss. We feel more vulnerable too and yet we reach out for community and sustenance. Rather than the world turning against us which so often happens to Lesbians, Gays, Bi, Trans and Queer people, our allies from almost every country and even from some religious groups like Mormons, Muslims and Hassids that don’t typically crave gay folks, have stood up for us spreading rainbows all over the world. To be sure some of the usual suspects from the Fundamentalist Christian world have taken every opportunity to show their collective asses and the world has seen them for who they are as well. We have a place at the table in ways that were so unexpected and as so many have said, LOVE WINS and our collective hearts have been opened like never before to each other. I will never forget the names and faces of those beautiful young people and my prayers continue in their honor.

May we all continue to come from our hearts in solving global issues that are before us.

July 4 we have a New Moon in Cancer that means that the Sun and the Moon are both in Cancer which gives us the opportunity to balance the inner and outer Yin and Yang energies. Certainly we must reach a more harmonious, transformative understanding. All this is very good but then here comes Pluto in Capricorn opposing all that Cancer energy demanding that we take the time to feel and think about our SECURITY ISSUES. What are they? How do we base our security? What makes us feel secure and or insecure. Most importantly how can we create an emotional and material self-sufficiency that fits us like our skin? We have that fascinating Grand Trine in water signs with this New Moon as well so we are bound to have some rain which suits me to the tee. A little later in the day Uranus squares the Moon and then Venus offering us an even more volatile mix full of surprises.

Such a good time to hunker down as best you can forgoing the blazing fireworks which so torment the wild life and our domesticated animal companions as well. To them as well as Vets who have PTSD it is like  being in a war zone so I suggest to all of you especially those who love the animals please forgo the bang bang bang this year. In some countries they are using soundless fireworks and that could be lovely. The combination of lots of alcohol, fireworks and cars is a lousy combination and the astrology for this time is equally volatile.

Using our creativity in any way is fabulous so find a good way to express yourself and let your freak flag fly. Many of the challenging aspects will last for a good amount of time but by mid-month we should feel like we have our feet on the ground or at least we will understand that the earth is not necessarily where our security lies and that we are really more connected to the cosmos with our personal planets so connected with the outer planets.

Lady Venus will heat up as she moves into the fiery sign of Leo on July 12 so prepare for much more passion as she struts around cat like seeking her mate. By the 13th, Venus will square the Moon and Asteroid Juno showing us that she is not looking to get married but more likely to just date. Again on a deeper level, Leo rules the heart and Venus in this sign opens the pathway for more heart full sharing on all levels which can’t help but bring more peace love and understanding to the world.

July 19 brings the Capricorn Full Moon to our view. Full Moons always shine a bright light on what may be hidden in the shadows bringing them into our conscious mind where me are more capable of addressing such issues. Before the moon is full she will conjoin Pluto which can pull us even deeper into the shadowy side of our consciousness. Also the opposition between the Sun and Moon can ideally enable us to find some internal middle ground between the two energies. Cancer has so much more to do with our inner world, our home our roots with Capricorn reflecting much more about our outer world. We may question once again how we are or are not meeting our need for nurturance, support or comfort while Capricorn challenges us to see if our career and more professional needs and goals are being met. With Mercury and Venus in Leo so close together we can use the wisdom of the heart to meet these challenges.

The Sun will enter the sign of Leo on July 22 bringing the Fire element even stronger in our cosmic mix joining Venus and Mercury already in Leo. Saturn is in Sag and Uranus is in Aries. We began the month with tons of water and we keep that Grand Water Trine til the Full Moon but we close out the month with much more flame and fire.
Sending prayers to the people of Istanbul and now Bangladesh and who knows who else by the time you read this so please send out prayers to the world.

Lammas the joyful harvest festival of the Earth Religions occurs on Aug 2 which coincides with a New Moon and we will celebrate here at Moonhaven.

Finally Mars moves back into Sagittarius on Aug. 3 to add to the summer fire so keep cool everyone and remember to let Love Win and Raise the Vibe for the Tribe Blessed Be Flash Silvermoon


ARIES – Feeling the summer heat and the excitement of Uranus still in my sign. Yes I like to do things my way and that never changes too much although these last months have put me through plenty of changes. Still standing albeit a bit wobbly but still have plenty of fight left in me so don’t push it because I have attitude to spare.

TAURUS – I so miss those months when I had so many planets in my sign, now my head is spinning with this crazy pace. I am going to just slow it all down anyway and enjoy a more exotic approach to life. I have the patience of a Saint and that can work very well for me. No need to race around and act like I am in some kind of rush which I never am even if I should be. I am going to keep things steady and grounded even if no one else does.

GEMINI – Look at me dancing into the void! I rather be talking but maybe i can do both with so much to think about now. What do I keep and what do I pair down. I must downsize my Friends list or at least be more selective who I add on. So many activities and mostly I want to hunker down and collect myself. I know that doesn’t sound like me at all but even a Gemini has to put the social brakes on sometime. Whew!

CANCER – I f this isn’t my month I don’t know what is. So many planets in my sign and I am just floating on my crystalline watery realm. Sort of feels soothing although some days the flow feels more like a tidal wave. So wanting it to feel more like a serene lakeside where I can just dip my feet in and have a picnic with a friend instead of the Cosmic Cuisinart it seems to be most of the time

LEO – Grrrrrrrrrrrr here I come with loads of Fire under my belt too. Venus wait til the end of the month and you will be all mine. Yes all mine as you know I don’t like to share. My love is big and my heart is bigger so there is plenty of me to go around but trust me I am selective if nothing else. You know if I choose you that you are the bomb and so hot.

VIRGO -Been hanging around with Jupiter way too long so everything looks big and I have collected way too much stuff for my liking. You know my style is much more spare than this. It’s OK though now I can make a list of what I want to keep and what I might want to keep and what is just plain gone. Love my lists, must have order just need to make sure I can still find my main list.

LIBRA – Balance, balance this is what we all need and I need for sure. I want the world to be fair and it has been a hard lesson for me that it often is not. On the other hand i do know that karma that old law of cause and effect is unerringly fair even if we don’t see how it plays out in the current life. I always root for the underdog but these days it’s hard to know who that is except for everyone but the 1%.

SCORPIO – Oh Mars you reckless deep water diver! In my sign your expression is not for the faint of heart or for those who seek superficial chatter. You are no nonsense and will go to the nth degree to get at what you want and when you want it. You are forcing me to demand that my needs be met, no compromise. I guess I can live with that til you swing into Sagittarius in August.

SAGITTARIUS – Hey Scorpio, I had a long tenure with Mars and we get along just fine. I know that Mr. Mars will get my traveling shoes out of the closet and for me that’s all good so I will patiently wait for my turn. For now I will get my passport and plans in place so i can be ready to grab my magic carpet when time and karma allow.

CAPRICORN – I sure hope that I can learn not to work so damn hard. Believe me my work ethic is second to none so these are not the words of some slacker. This summer I want to make time to enjoy all that I have worked so hard to achieve and that will be a very transforming experience for me and a way for Pluto to become more of my friend which I really want.

AQUARIUS – This 3 ringed circus of an election process keeps me on the edge of my seat and giddy all at the same time. If the stakes weren’t so high it would be really funny but I digress. This is our time to pull out the stops to pull the planet out of its collision course with a harsh reality brought to us all by The PATRIARCHY!

PISCES – Wanna’ know what’s really happening? I am not going to tell you, at least not all at once. Open your Third Eyes and catch the vibe and then you will know for sure. My ruling planet Neptune has been throwing a lovely shroud over everything and sometimes some shade too. Makes me remember an old button that I wore religiously in the 60’s,”Question Reality.”

Have a great month and remember to Raise the Vibe for the Tribe!!!



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