Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for August 2016

| August 7, 2016


August slipped in with a New Moon in Leo and the Pagan Holyday Lammas on the second day. New Moons are always a bright chance for new beginnings so we can start the month on an optimistic note. Lammas offers a time to review what we have harvested for the season. It has been a long hot and crazy summer with no real sign of relief from the heat. The Sun is strongest in the sign of Leo and with the Sun Moon and Venus all lined up in that sign it is a trio with a lot of potential for passion, creativity and strong heart energy. Many of us have spent the last 2 months slugging through our shadowy material and clearing out our caves and resentments with Mars in Scorpio. Now the bright light of the Sun has the room to shine and let our truest selves emerge.

I must say that it is almost hard to speak so optimistically with so much violence appearing daily. I am hoping that with Mars transiting back into Sagittarius we will experience more playfulness from the red planet. We can’t forget old three ringed Saturn though and Mars will conjoin Saturn on the 22nd which can tend to halt the wheels of change no matter where they are moving. We will get into this more later in the post.

One thing that we have seen during these times of increased violence and particularly racism is that our awareness and attention has been brought full on to this subject. With this attention lies the ability to make the serious change necessary in particular for people of color and the part of the police departments that really are there to be of service to the people. We can’t be letting some False Flaggers push us into full out race war so that it becomes easier to control everyone! Black Lives Matter is doing some strong and profound work on this in spite of a few folks who may well be provocateurs.

With Saturn and Neptune squaring each other for so many months and that energy making a strong statement this month, Saturn may well help Leo manifest some of its brightest options. I think we will feel this the most during the first week or so however this Saturn Neptune square will dominate the energy for the entire month of August.

The political field is full of both Saturn and Neptune energies. The Uranus /Pluto Square that dominated life from 2012 to last year set the stage for REVOLUTION starting with Arab Spring and the Occupy movements but none of them really bore fruit. Instead they served to loosen the reins and shake the corporate tree. As we have witnessed and co-created these changes, the dreams and desire to create a more equitable and idealistic world have emerged.

As I have said many times, the New World that many of us are wanting to birth arose from the consciousness of the Astro time of the Woodstock Festival and in fact was downloaded

into many of our psyches as we basked in the music and the mud at Yasgur’s Farm. I was there and I felt that as sure as I am breathing.

Again here we are with needs for order and foundation and a dream. Can we have both? We wanted to have a woman president, a dream that is being birthed finally in this country and yet her energy is very much like Saturn, rules regulations, conservation. Not bad and certainly much better than the clown who is pretending to be a real candidate- Neptune, fantasy, entertainment but no one to take seriously, or we must take him very seriously lest he bring his careless and ego driven temper to the world stage!

News Flash — just saw this from ABC today that Trump may bail and the rest of the Rethugs are now scrambling to see who could replace him in the event that he does leave or that they figure out a way to hoist him out. With so many  in the party refusing to vote for him there surely is a revolution going on and this election is clearly the weirdest one any of us have ever seen. I love that a Gold Star Muslim American family is causing him such a problem. Finally some of the garbage that he spews is taking him down as his house of cards built on lies and deception comes tumbling down. Stick to Reality TV OK. dude.

OK rant over. This combination of Saturn Square Neptune can feel downright depressing too as it can feel at some point that a cherished dream or hope is dashed on the rocks of Saturn’s rules and contraction but the good news is that you can then restructure if need be and make something that can really fly and soar or hold water.

We will likely see a continuation of toxic spills and the negative effects of lax environmental standards. Here in Florida we are suffering from several years of neglect care of Governor Scott and his team of developers. With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces opposing several planets in Virgo, known for purity, the whole country could be fighting for pure water, good air and land without fracking and if we work together we can make it happen.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Aug 18 10:30 AM should be interesting as the Moon is not only affected by the Planet Uranus by being in Aquarius but also has a wide square from Uranus the Trickster herself. If any of you have been finding life at all predictable these days you have either been on a slow burn or just not paying attention. This might just be the offbeat time that the Donald sees his time to go or his Rethugs might finally boot him out. No matter what and even if this time has nothing to do with him or the elections, surprises will be the order of the day with a strong need and desire for the community to surge forth.

The Revolution is certainly being televised AND it is also going to be LIVE to quote the great late Gil Scott Heron. Will we feel the Bern again or dump the Trump or any number of crazy moves with Politrix. Who could be his replacement? These are some bizarre times for sure and the Joker is wild. Not easy to dodge the flotsam and jet sum of the ever changing global scene or the bullets either.

There is quite the mixture of energies for this Lunar Cycle too with a whole cluster of planets in Virgo including Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the North Node which are opposed by Chiron and also Neptune. This combination could bring storms and perhaps even more when the moon slips into Pisces that night. On the bright side of the mix we could have a wonderful time of heightened spirituality and community service. Great time to join with others to elevate and Raise the Vibe for the Tribe.

Mars continuing its dance with Saturn without the retrograde action may be kind of challenging for anything mechanical or just plain getting things done but be patient and stick to it and if it’s for your highest good it will manifest after the exact conjunction on the 22,23 and with a few days to shift could be fine. Now there is also old murky Mercury which goes retrograde at the end of the month on the 30th, stationary and 31st retrograde.

I don’t want to bore you with another round of what to do and not do during a Mercury Retrograde as it can be a helpful time. If you need to just pause your push to forward motion and take a more thorough approach this is not a bad thing and Mars /Saturn will have also put a pause button on your plans a week earlier. With life seeming to be crazier and less solid than usual a slower pace could be a perfect time to organize and clear and release anything that has lingered in the way of a positive well focused plan.

Yes when it comes to big purchases and anything that you want to really commit it is best to wait for the 3 weeks that it takes for Mercury to go direct and also really listen to make sure that you and others say what you mean and mean what you say. Blasts from the past and completion of old debts can be most pleasant. Even objects that had seemed to fall into the black hole of the world may seem to return from the dead so what was lost may be found.

Some good news, Venus will get out of rather critical Virgo and enter Libra which is ruled by Venus so a bit of sweetness promised for the end of the month so get out your dance cards!


ARIES – Time to really get out and do it whatever that is that you are just dying to do and enjoy the excitement. Life may seem a little less chaotic now so don’t create it. OK just sayin’ I am not an adrenalin junkie but I do not live well with boredom and sometimes my courage leads me into some challenging places.

TAURUS – Sure glad that Mars moved out of Scorpio that was a bumpy ride for me. You know I am more of a smooth kind of girl and slow and steady wins my race. I also look forward to Venus getting out of picky Virgo even though that trines my Sun. More fun though when Venus enters Libra you will see.

GEMINI – So Sagie Mars and Saturn will be coming to play this month, oh whoopee! Mars OK but Saturn Oy Vey. You know me I can roll with most anything as long as there can be good conversation. I am not beyond enjoying a good argument either and Mars can always provide that. Leo’s brightness gives me some good inspiration too and I am ready to enjoy that fire.

CANCER – Maybe this month I can get the peace that I am craving. Body surfing the white water of change can be a rush for some but for me these days it is just tiresome. A refreshing day at the springs or just being in my pool feels like just the right kind of water for me. No storms just floating watching the hummingbirds and butterflies.

LEO – This is my month to shine oh yeah you can take a good look and I will be the one to watch! Why would you even want to turn away as I am beaming the bright light and full of creative fire. I don’t even know what I want to focus on for right now as so much is tempting me. Maybe I will try everything.

VIRGO – Jupiter keeps making life big and the other passel of planets in my sign keeps things interesting. I have to force myself to not judge myself and others and I know this tends to make things harder too. Perfection has its price and when I reach that place it is very satisfying but sometimes, enough is enough. Change the tape and drop it.

LIBRA – I know we are all struggling to find some balance in this seesaw that the outer world brings to our door. Usually it’s me seeking that middle road but I do see the wise ones speaking of that as well. The pendulum seems to flail around wildly from extremes and sometimes I just don’t want to watch or read the NEWS. That is one way that I achieve peace for a time and then I remember to breathe in and out.

SCORPIO – I sure had some fun with Mars in my sign last month but I am afraid that it brought out too much funk from the underbelly of the nation and the world. Now I can just ease down into the deep smooth water of the planets in Pisces to soothe my soul which has had a workout during the last 2 months. Yeah, a hot bath with some good oils and candles and the right person to share it with me sounds perfect.

SAGITTARIUS – Mars and Saturn just sitting in my sign almost snuggled together. I better check my transportation before the 22nd when they conjoin so I am not left in the lurch. I always want to travel but now I am feeling that urge even stronger. “Get me a ticket for an air-o-plane, ain’t got time to take a fast train……” You know how that can be for us winged ones.

CAPRICORN – I have no idea how my life might unfold when Pluto is no longer in Capricorn. I mean this is one long transforming transit. I have been converted into one who thinks so much more deeply about motivation and cause and effect. I like it.

AQUARIUS – My my won’t this Aquarian Full Moon be spectacular! Do try to find a gathering of some kind to connect and feel the sense of community that will offer itself. Of course there are plenty of great causes that can use our energy and focus. Never too soon to elevate and raise the vibration for all.

PISCES – I am still floating around in water world with Neptune and Chiron in my sign but I have to say that Saturn has really been a bummer, kind of like ants at a picnic but I am sending prayers  to all the places where water is needed like the Calif . fires and the places where there is just too much water carrying away cars and people in the street. There has got to be a happy medium and I guess that’s where I fit in.

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