Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for December 2016

| December 7, 2016


By Flash Silvermoon

I must begin by apologizing for my absence over the last 2 months as I tended to my own healing. Yes it has been a bumpy ride for most everyone during this time as well what with the results of the last election — as I began predicting a year ago when I particularly saw the Neptunian aspects that would be taxing the whole process. I am still not sure that this election has come to its end and I don’t think that it is just my wishful thinking. Not long to wait and see how this pans out.

On December 7 Venus enters eccentric Aquarius and helps us enlighten up a little after the month in Capricorn. Romance may take on a much more spontaneous vibe so try and add something new and unique to your love life.

December 9 the Sun and Saturn conjoin which can tend to cast a down vibe over life or at the very least you may tend to feel very weighed down with responsibilities. The up side is you can also gain focus. The square to Chiron, planet of the Wounded Healer may also tend to bring our perceived shortcomings in greater focus. This gives us access to heal them so not a bad trade off.
December 13 Full Moon in Gemini means we all want to get talking however that is not the only part to this picture. This Full Moon also includes that same Mutable T square consisting of Sun in Sagittarius conjoining Saturn, opposite Moon in Gemini and all of them squared by Chiron. This transit provides us with the same energies as discussed on the 9th plus the powerful effect of the Gemini Full Moon. Typically a full moon amps up the emotions and this one does that as well but to a lesser degree because Gemini is an Air sign ruled by Mercury so the emotions in this case are strained through the mind. I am sure that the recount will be stirring many pots and many conversations. Trump is a Gemini so we are likely to see a Tweet storm from him plus some bundle of fact less accusations. Try to keep a positive outlook even though with Saturn’s impact we may be challenged.

December 19 Mars enters Pisces which should soften the energy considerably however Mercury is stationary which means that tomorrow Dec. 20 Mercury goes Retrograde. Now I have talked about this situation for many years so it doesn’t mean that you do nothing and wring your hands in fear. You just do not want to sign, buy or commit to anything permanent or that you would want to be permanent. If longevity doesn’t matter do what you will. This is a time to be very mindful in all communications as Mercury rules communication and you could easily meet someone on 3rd and 4th street rather than 4th and 3rd street if you catch my drift. Double and triple check vacation plans as well. On the plus side blasts from the past are to be expected as are lost items which come out of their black hole. Good time to cleanse and reorganize as well so use the time well it can be a blessing.

Just in case the Gemini Full Moon doesn’t give us enough to talk about, the moon is also part of a Grand Trine in Air signs including Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Aquarius. Because Gemini can go in many directions at once the outcome of this energy is a little hard to call but there will be abundant verbiage.

Wow is this ever going to be an intense month! On Dec.15 we have another T Square of the Cardinal variety which actually becomes more like a Grand Cross if you add Pluto and Mercury to the empty leg of the cross. Cardinal aspects like this mean ACTION. Not only will the energy be intense but it tends to go way beyond the emotional turbulence that can be coming to a boil when the aspects are FIXED or MUTABLE. We might see actual wars break out, extreme weather and or people in the streets. We could find that the recount has changed everything which will get some out in the streets or that it changed nothing putting others in the streets to reclaim the world and goals that we have worked so hard to manifest! Inside this aspect is the Moon/Pluto opposition which can indicate deep emotions and potential outbursts amongst women. To my mind this could be very good as groups of women bursting into power or leadership can only be positive. Cheeto-man and his disgusting abuse of women has brought clear cut sexism to the masses in such a way that it is hard for any woman who stays woke to miss it.

Dec. 21 is Winter Solstice and this one is fully packed and loaded with interesting energy. Sun is sextile Mars, the Moon and Jupiter square Pluto, Mercury conjoins Pluto and just when the fun needs to be a little more bizarre they all square Uranus, Saturn trines Uranus which offers a little grounding!! Sun sextiling Mars will give us the pep to make our day special while the Moon squaring Pluto can surely stir up really deep emotions that may be able to be transmuted during this time of ritual. Part of the traditional Winter Solstice ritual includes a space where one jumps over the fire leaving behind all that obstructs ones forward motion and highest good. This fits perfectly with the energy of Saturn blending with Uranus as one must define and create freedom with this aspect. Saturn of course represents structure and the rules that society expects while Uranus is all about carving out her own place and flying in the face of convention. Could be most interesting to see how this will manifest in our inner and outer worlds.

By the next day the opposition between Moon/Jupiter and Uranus will be exact so we are likely to get some big surprises globally. Definitely a time for change and hopefully this one will be the kind we really want.

This has been an incredibly intense month however the New Moon in Capricorn should bring in a much brighter picture for the coming month and year. We begin with a stellium in Capricorn consisting of Sun, Moon, Mercury and even Pluto and this portends a positive economic picture especially because this team of Capricorn workers are sextile [harmonious aspect] with Mars so there will be ease and motivation to get busy climbing those mountains we have been dreaming about. Uranus goes direct at this point too so all the new things that could have happened are now likely to come busting out of the closet.

More sextile energy humming between Venus and Jupiter and Venus and Uranus so inspiration should be flowing through our hearts minds and spirits. Could be a great time for some modern inventions that will make life better and more sustainable. The only sour note is Saturn squaring Chiron which can tend to make us feel afraid to dream as big as we might. Good thing to do with this dissenting attitude is put it to work and make it show you where improvements can be made and make them. All and all a great way to end this most challenging year.


ARIES – I am feeling kind of frisky and I just want to express my real self just need to know exactly who that is since life keeps changing.

TAURUS – No matter what, I like the same things. Keep me well fed and well-loved with a warm cozy place to curl up…Nirvana!

GEMINI – Let’s give them something to talk about to quote a fave tune. So much on my mind these days and it’s all good or at least most of it is.

CANCER – Feel like I am rollin’ with the ocean of changes and rivers of emotion flowing around and through me. Pretty fluid and also seeking a solid grounding. Yes I can have both.

LEO – I am ready to party and soak up the seasonal joy and good vibes. Yeah some heavy loads for sure but I am ready to let it all go and seek a happier experience.

VIRGO – I must stop over thinking especially with Mercury retrograde coming up. Such a waste of energy and it just wears me out before I even have a chance to take action. I will still my mind and leave this cycle behind with the Solstice fire.

LIBRA – With Jupiter in my sign there is a chance for more peace and balance in my life. The world around me seems to lack Justice but my goal is to see that change. Justice not Just us.

SCORPIO – How deep can you go? If you can go there join me in the deep water where I find myself quite comfortable. No fear here. The more I know myself, the better all spaces feel.

SAGITTARIUS – Loving having so many planets in my sign at least for a while except maybe Saturn which feels like it trims my wings. Not a bad thing to give me some focus though as I can get much more done this way.

CAPRICORN – This is really my time of the year, even like the cooler temps. I am feeling a time of motivation and even big changes as I step up to my own wisdom. My Crone is at home.

AQUARIUS – Ooh Venus is coming into my sign this month yeah. A little love with some unique flair would be just the ticket for some holiday cheer. Must remember to wish for that around the Solstice fire.

PISCES – Swimming through seas of uncertainty and mystery as Neptune runs the show. I am more comfortable here than most. The global vibe can really affect me and that is hard on my sensitivity but my third eye is so wide open that at least I get the picture.




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