Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for January 2017

| January 9, 2017


by Flash Silvermoon –

During our Celebration of Visionaries on January 1, I was able to see some interesting visions as were some others as well. One of the very first things that appeared to me was ice loads of ice and snow and a swath of freezing locations. Well, all we have to do right now is look outside most of our windows and even as far south as Alabama and Mississippi are having SNOW!! The bigger deal though is the scientists just discovered that a chunk of Antarctica the size of Connecticut is adrift. So we are not having issues with Climate Change right.

The other main thing that I am seeing is that  something major will interrupt or change the Inauguration.



ARIES – This is a very stimulating time but it is almost too much for me at times. Feeling the need for some peaceful balance in just the right amount so I can enjoy the full spectrum of what life affords.

TAURUS – Not a lot of Earth floating around not that earth ever floats so listen gang you need me to help you slide into something more comfortable and sensual. Ever hear of “Make Love Not War?” I not dating myself just wanted to suggest that good idea time for a Revival.

GEMINI – As usual I enjoy more stimulation particularly of the intellectual variety not that I want to limit my choices. Never want to do that. Lately it actually feels like my path has narrowed some and not sure if I am choosing this or it is being chosen for me.

CANCER – My emotions still feel like they are in the Cosmic Cuisinart as I roll with all the lightning fast shifts and changes. We Moonchildren like our comfort and yet we are very familiar with the rise and fall of the tides and can adapt as needed especially when a good Vortex presents itself.

LEO – I am the center of my universe which is as it should be OK maybe not all the time but I have learned to treasure my own light. I am sure some of you might do well to take a page from my book but of course we all need to write our own stories. I rather act mine out than write it down see ya stage right.

VIRGO – Neptune will not be satisfied until my mental processes and way of life is loose a goose which does not really suit me. Nothing wrong with order and lists they keep me in line and create my comfort zone.

LIBRA – I am always seeking balance but this month I might even find it. I think making good choices is the trick and i think I have learned to make them rather than waiting til they are forced on me because i am indecisive.

SCORPIO – Why do people seem to misunderstand me so easily? Am I just too deep or motives too hidden? Let’s face it I am just not a superficial gal who likes small talk. If a relationship of any kind doesn’t have some intensity why bother. really?

SAGITTARIUS – On a wing and a prayer I will take you there. So poetic and so true. My mind and spirit can take me places well beyond my humble abode which is good as air fare is getting kind of high and I do love my flights of fancy no matter where they take me.

CAPRICORN – Hard aspects are really shaking my tree but good. Feeling pretty grounded in spite of it all but just wondering when life is going to get easier. No one works as hard as I do so these are not the words of a slacker, just a world weary Capricorn is all.

AQUARIUS – Ooh my New Moon and birthday is coming up this month. I am most curious about what kind of mischief I can get into but seriously my idea of fun usually includes some act to save the planet or enhance my community. Still if you have any wild ideas let me know.

PISCES – Plenty of Neptunian energy to soothe my Piscean heart although I have had to truly get more comfortable with boundlessness. Learning to love what is and know that it is often the best thing possible and often guided by Spirit. Not my will, Thy will!


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