Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for February 2017

| February 12, 2017


What a wild and crazy ride we are on each day it can go from the sublime to the ridiculous and often more on the sign of the ridiculous. Mars entering the sign of warlike Aries as the month starts is surely showing up with much violence globally as well as manifesting some pretty wild earth changes. As above so below as the old saying goes and we cannot afford to forget that concept during these days of extreme shifts and push backs. The Mars effect on the overall astro scheme of things is to speed everything up as several planets shift from Pisces to Aries.

By February 2, Imbolc, Candlemas and for some Ground Hog Day lovely Venus slides into fiery Aries turning up the heat as she begins a month long chase to Mars. With both these luminaries in Aries we can be sure that relationships will be more alive, passionate and contentious, not the smooth ride offered last month with both signs in mellow Pisces. Now is basically the time to see behind the veil and get down to the nitty gritty of things and take a good honest look at the energies at play and if the tension you are feeling is permanent or just a little funk.

Jupiter is playing a BIG role in our energy field this month as it stations for 2 days at 24 Libra before going retrograde on the 5th. The heightened Mars energy is pushing for us to DO something and if Mars has his way the something could be War but with Jupiter in Libra demanding that we finally make things FAIR,JUSTICE not just for us! Just because Jupiter is retrograde til June 9 does not mean that nothing will happen, that you can’t hope to start some new big project. Actually it could mean that some long held wish might seem to manifest out of the blue!

These planetary energies are creating some of the feelings and effects of the T-square in Cardinal signs which will then morph into a Grand Cross with Asteroid Vesta sitting in that empty space. In plain English I think that Jupiter/ Uranus energy has been responsible for putting everything in the cosmic Cuisinart. Slamming into this energy is Mercury /Pluto which wants to make damn sure that the TRUTH will out. One thing for sure, the necessary vibration with Uranus in the field is originality. Change is in the air and the change is for more freedom and feeling of community support for the common good. Rebellion is really the order of the day and fascism which appears to be on the rise is just the stimulant necessary to fill the streets all over the world and key in this process is not to become like our oppressors and to seek harmony.

This total shake up of business as usual has been brewing since 2012. Uranian energy demanded a more free spirited rebellious expression especially when faced with the lies and deception and utter lack of clarity that strong Neptunian energies provide. Pluto in Capricorn has manifested the corporate takeover of the country and the world which also demands that we get to the root of the material problems that confront us on the day to day and then transform the more corporate world to meet these needs. I am basically sharing the effect of the Outer Planets on culture since these are the planets that influence global consciousness.

Put all these themes together and you can see why this last election was like none other ever!

So interesting too that the empty spot of this Cross is filled by Vesta the asteroid that refers to the Goddess Vesta, the Keeper of the Hearth but not just the kitchen, she was responsible for maintaining the Spiritual Health and Vibration.
In response to the utter craziness of the current administration we see women filling the streets everywhere taking the lead to make the world a safer place for the coming generations. The Female Principle is also bringing out the softer and wiser side of the men coming to awareness of the need to save our Mother Earth. Saturn’s sextile to Jupiter should help us economically and create a smoother way to ground ourselves on the material plane.

February 10 we had a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo which should be quite the time. Even eclipsed a Full Moon in Leo can bring everyone out. With this lunar energy you may feel drawn to do something that really makes you shine and with the Sun which is always opposite with a Full Moon you have the sign Aquarius so be a really unique Star. Even more exciting and positive is that we are blessed at this time with a Grand Trine in FIRE signs- Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo wow!!!I must have some kind of event here at Moonhaven with this energy but for now it will be a surprise even for me. This time can be one of gifts opportunities and opening new doors. You could even discover a solution for a difficulty that has long been a frustration. Glad to be able to offer some better news.

We are the Lightworkers who incarnated at this time to help manifest and ground the Fifth Dimensional energies. It is our job to aid in the birth of the Age of Aquarius, a time where we can enjoy that Golden Age promised and not get lost in the horror show circus of Politrix. So we resist and find our community and solo ways of creating change and do not lose heart or be defeated by the harshness of what appears to surround us especially if we are women, people of color, LGBT, differently abled or Muslim.

I hate to even use St Valentine’s name for Feb 14 because he was such a bloody murderous Saint and not one who should preside over the heart and this day of love. I will say that on this day Jupiter will be opposed by Uranus which can bring in excitement and surprises but the square to Mercury could accentuate any political/spiritual differences that you might share. Good night for activism or seeing an exciting movie.

The Sun enters Pisces on Feb. 19 and joins the rest of the Piscean planets, South Node, Neptune Pallas/Athena and Chiron, the last two being Asteroids but still very potent. This is very good as it will soften the upcoming transits on and around the next Eclipse. On Feb 21 Mars will square Pluto creating an extremely explosive energy which will last til almost the 25th when Mars conjoins Uranus and makes a weak square to Pluto. Whoa is all I have to say. I will get into the exact eclipse energy in a bit but the energy provided by the collisions of Mars, Uranus and Pluto are so intense and will take us from Mar 21 to the end of the month. I do believe that those so inclined to do rituals and ceremonies for Peace might want to get the smudge bowls smokin’ or some frankincense if you prefer earlier in the month  before this energy gets too much air time.

The Solar Eclipse is in Pisces featuring the New Moon, Sun, South Node, Mercury, Neptune, Pallas and Chiron plunging us deep into a flood of emotions and perplexing whirlpools of cosmic energy. Great time for dreams and you may well get some deep insights into past lives so good time to plumb the deeper more hidden aspects of your nature. I do offer Past Life Regression sessions however I do not suggest that anyone do that if they have a lot of current mess to clean up. This is a great process for someone who has tried long and hard to resolve an issue in this life and welcomes guidance to heal.

Many Blessings this month and let us finish this time with resolve to help create a more peaceful, evolving world with an understanding that we are all one and all deserve freedom, safety, justice an end to hunger, abuse and profiling.


1. ARIES – Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

2. TAURUS – I Want a Lover with a Slow Hand

3. GEMINI – I’m Every Woman

4. CANCER -Wade in the Water

5. LEO – You Are the Sunshine of my Life

6. VIRGO – Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets In

7. LIBRA – At Last

8. SCORPIO – No More Drama

9.  SAGITTARIUS – The Magical Mystery Tour

10 CAPRICORN – Get Up Stand Up

11. AQUARIUS – This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

12. PISCES – Take Me to the River



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