Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for March 2017

| March 9, 2017


 BY Flash Silvermoon

Spring Equinox is March 20 this year and Venus is sort of near to the Sun sweetening that energy which is good because Saturn conjoins the Moon that day. The mythology of this Holy Day is that it commemorates the end of Maiden Persephone’s time in the Underworld when she comes out and returns to her mother Demeter as is recounted in the Elusinian Mysteries. I can see where this year it can represent the global return of the daughters to the Great Mother in all the cultures where the females feel more empowered and we can persist or start resisting any roll backs to our hard won rights. In places where women are still experiencing sub human lives we can see a rising up as the magnitude of our bravery is so subversively contagious.

The New Moon comes blazing in in fiery Aries and really motivates us to get moving and at least decide on how to move forward. Several Arian planets here to blow those winds of change around so you can allow to some extent for some Divine offerings. Good thing here also is that often heavy handed Saturn is making a smooth Trine which should allow us to manifest our plans and not just begin them. Aries tend to be good starters. This is a good time to be mindful of the choices we make as there is the strong possibility we just might make them happen. Think Big and make it Good.


ARIES – Gotta go no time to wait so much to do wow how can I even keep up with myself? Maybe I need to press a big Pause button so I don’t make some terrible mistake. Being grounded wouldn’t hurt for a bit.

TAURUS – Whoa, now I have Mars in my sign and nothing is going to push me. Honey I am built for comfort not for speed but now I have more pep and an interest in doing much more. Gotta get down to Mother Earth.

GEMINI – The fire in the air has me most stimulated but I want to be sure not to overdo as I tend to do so that I can really enjoy the best of my choices and not just conversation with anyone who wants my time.

CANCER – Let me swim around the mists of consciousness and bath in the subtler Piscean energies as those cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn and those harsher planets they bring with them turn my placid pond into a bubbling whirlpool.

LEO – I can certainly handle and enjoy all the other fiery signs and get a little buzz from their energies. I need to also pay attention to what I need personally before I get swept up on this fiery ride.

VIRGO – My Full Moon this month and I will love it. I know I may not celebrate like most others and just prefer to read or serve at a soup kitchen but I might be open for some play if it’s on the earth, like the garden.

LIBRA – Politrix politrix are we seeing Justice or Just Us hard to tell sometimes. There is a huge attempt from many quarters to right the political state of this country. Is it a sinking ship? We will see but one thing for sure is the lies must stop and the Emperor has no clothes.

SCORPIO – I tend to like to keep things hidden but Pluto just ain’t havin’ it and all of what has been hidden is seeing the light of day. Sometimes I feel a little too exposed but other times I just feel right on the money.

SAGITTARIUS – Hard to feel too lively with Saturn sitting on my magic carpet. Maybe I can take a trip to her 3-ringed palace. Feeling pretty earth bound so I must pursue a little of the Neptunian fantasy world to enlighten up.

CAPRICORN – Well I have been locked in with the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto for what seems like an eternity. Pretty intense trip I must say and I have transformed so many parts of my life it’s hard to recognize it from 2012.

AQUARIUS – Nothing in my sign but Uranus in Aries lights m fire and inflames my spirit for rebellion. “Send out the instigators because there’s something in the air, we got to get together sooner or later because the Revolution’s here. And you know it’s right!”[Thunderclap Newman]

PISCES – Swimming through the deep seas of consciousness. Sometimes floating, sometimes swimming fiercely and always trying my best to FLOW and be guided by Spirit.




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