March 7 – 2017 Florida Legislative Session Kicks Off Today

| March 5, 2017


Over the next 60 days of the Florida Legislative Session, the ACLU of Florida will be working to advance civil liberties and rights across our state, including LGBT rights. The ACLU’s Kirk Bailey, Political Director, and Kara Gross, Legislative Counsel, say “we believe we can accomplish real and positive reforms for criminal justice and LGBT rights, but we also know there are going to be real challenges, including defending a woman’s right to access the healthcare she needs, and ensuring immigrants’ rights are not infringed upon.”

The ACLU’s legislative priorities this year cover a broad array of civil liberties issues:

Criminal Justice Reform
The ACLU of Florida will be fighting for legislation that reforms our current criminal justice system. We know that 72 percent of Floridians agree that it is past time to fix a broken system that doesn’t treat all Floridians fairly.

LGBT Rights
The ACLU of Florida is committed to securing statewide protections to ensure that no individual is discriminated against based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Immigrants’ Rights
Immigrants’ rights are under attack, and the ACLU of Florida will work tirelessly to defeat anti-immigrant legislation and ensure greater protections for immigrants.

Reproductive Rights
The ACLU of Florida will resist legislative efforts to erode a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, we will be vigilant in protecting a woman’s privacy, and ability to decide what is right for her.

Voting Rights
The ACLU of Florida opposes any legislation that seeks to disenfranchise eligible voters or that makes it more difficult for voters to exercise their fundamental right to vote. We will support bills that increase access to the polls.

For a closer look at some of the specific bills the ACLU is supporting and opposing during the 2017 Legislative Session, visit the “Current Session” page on our website. Here you will find up-to-date information on the status of these bills. You’ll also find the tools you’ll need to become an active participant in the legislative process and make your voice heard on issues that your elected officials will be voting on.

ACLU of Florida

P.S. The ACLU is hosting a free Resistance Training in Miami on Saturday, March 11, at the University of Miami, and it will be livestreamed across the country. The event will launch People Power, the ACLU’s new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country. Sign up to learn more about People Power and the Resistance Training livestream.


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