Curb Appeal and First Impressions

| May 3, 2017

By Linda Faucett, Realtor, RE/MAX Action First —

The first impression a buyer has about your home is how it looks from the street, before they even get out of the car.  That first impression can make the difference in whether or not you have an interested party, or someone who is turned off by an unkempt or neglected house and yard.

There are so many things you can do, with a little ‘elbow grease’ , time, and a relatively small budget. Take a walk around the outside of your home. Look at it as if you were a potential buyer. Do you see any chipping or peeling paint?  Is there any rotten wood on fascia or soffits?  Are there any broken or cracked windows? If you see any of these things, a potential buyer will see them too.  Take the time to scrape and paint anywhere you see chipping. If your house needs to be painted, it would be worth the expense to paint it. Buyers do not want to think that it will need to be painted as soon as they move in. Remember, if buyers think “deferred maintenance”  it will set off red flags in their minds, and could mean the difference in them even looking at the interior of your home, virtually eliminating them as a potential buyer. Don’t forget the garage door. A coat of fresh paint can make an old door look like new!

Next,  take a good look at your yard.  Is it pleasing to the eye? Are there areas that need some help? Cut your grass.  If the grass is brown, water it. If there are bushes, shrubs or trees that need to be trimmed, do it. Sometimes a few colorful flowers are all that is needed to add appeal to the exterior of your home.  Put your hose away! A tangled mess of garden hose is not attractive.  If your AC unit is visible, think about hiding it with a simple lattice cage. Easy to do and very affordable. Paint it the same color as the trim on the house and see what a difference that makes!

Another tip to make your home look inviting, is to paint your door a bright color. It is amazing what a pretty door says about your home!  Another thing that you may not think of, but that could make a huge difference is,  to buy  a new mailbox. That’s right! A new mailbox can make a world of difference. If you have a curbside mailbox, replace it and perhaps paint it the same color as your door. Plant a few pretty flowers around it and see the difference it makes . Even a new mailbox on your porch will look nice. Place a pretty potted plant under it and see the difference it makes.  New house numbers look great, especially if painted an appealing color.  If you have a porch, treat it like another room. Put a couple of chairs and a small table on it. Add a couple of potted flowering plants and voila, another inviting living space for a buyer to love!  

If you have cracked or broken windows, torn or missing screens, fix or replace them. What shape is your driveway in? If your budget allows for it, holes and cracks need to be remedied.  Do you have small windows?  If so,  think about shutters. They make your windows look twice the size and can break up a large and boring exterior wall, adding visual interest.  Window boxes,  full of bright flowers,  are a lovely touch also.  Painting them a color that is the complete opposite of your home makes them pop even more!  Place a few colorful potted plants on your steps. Amazing what these simple things can do.

Use your imagination!  Anything that makes a good first impression is worth the time, effort and money and could mean the difference in how quickly your home sells.

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