Pride Goes On Despite Threats … in the US and Around the World

| June 18, 2017

We Love This Sign: Tel Aviv Pride went on in spite of a threat (l), and threats as well as actual acts of violence have befallen Pride events in Ukraine (r). YouTube/Basti Hansen, Vladimir Donsov, AP

LGBTQ Nation’s Jeff Taylor posted a wrap up of six Pride events that went on around the world in the past year, despite threats of violence – two in the US.

“Pride events offer a chance to express oneself, call for LGBTQ rights, and celebrate the victories that have so far been achieved in that ongoing struggle. Yet some still take such issue with these outward signs of progress and community, including in some cases resorting to threats and violence.”

“In some places it has become impossible to stage such such events, either due to the threats, laws banning them from taking place, or a combination of both.”

“Here is to love winning out over hate. Here is to continuing to fight for what’s right in the face of anger and bigotry.”

READ MORE HERE about Pride in Kiev, Tel Aviv, Beirut and Toronto … and 2016 US Pride events in LA and Houston.


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