VIDEO: Boy George YMCA Video Supports Australian Same-Sex Marriage Effort

| June 27, 2017

Boy George has released a new music video cover of the Village People hit YMCA in support of the battle for marriage equality in Australia. LGBTQ Nation says “YMCA Australia is hoping the song will help the organization raise money for its Why Not? campaign, to raise awareness of “issues young people are facing today,” including that nation’s battle for marriage equality. The British singer who rose to fame 30 years ago with Culture Club was reportedly stunned to learn Australians were still fighting for their right to same-sex marriage.”

Gay Star News noted that “it’s taken nearly 40 years for any branch of the YMCA anywhere in the world to capitalize on the immensely popular song.”

‘It was a challenging conversation for us as leaders – the baby boomers and Gen X, said Melinda Crole, CEO of YMCA Australia. “We have to let go – it wasn’t about what we thought. It was about the young people.”

Crole told the Guardian she did not consult with Christian organizations before agreeing to the collaboration; YMCA is an acronym for Young Men’s Christian Organization.

”Research shows an overwhelming link between marriage equality and mental health – we are prepared to stand up for that,’ Crole said.



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