VIDEO: Safe Place Decals Available for St Pete Businesses to Help Hate Crime Victims

| June 17, 2017

“If promoting safety, if promoting tolerance, if promoting diversity, then yes, I’m promoting that,” St Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman told WFLA news after joining the St Petersburg Police Department in launching a new SAFE PLACE initiative in the city. The program’s goal is to have local businesses display rainbow decals on the front door or windows of their buildings to signal victims of hate crimes that the business will call police to help them if they come inside and ask for help. The first decal was posted on the new Out of the Closet thrift store on 34th Street South.

Kriseman says the city of St Petersburg has adopted the program to send a message that hate crimes will not be tolerated in the city. The Safe Place concept was originally designed by the Seattle Police Department to help members of the LGBTQ Community, but now includes victims of all hate crimes.

The SAFE PLACE concept was originally designed by the Seattle police department to assist the victims of LGBTQ hate crimes, but its spirit and symbolism is inclusive of all hate crimes. There is a SAFE PLACE link on the St. Petersburg Police website where businesses can request a decal be sent to them by mail: CLICK HERE



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