Cleaning the World Up One Pile, One Place & One Mess at a Time

| July 15, 2017

by Kathy Rieser, The Trash Queen —

For much of my adult life, I’ve been known as The Trash Queen.  Perhaps it seems quirky, but I’ve always loved finding stuff, sorting through other people’s stuff, and helping people put order into their lives and their living and working spaces.  I’m a firm believer in cleaning the world up one pile, one place, and one mess at a time, while still reclaiming, recycling, reconditioning, reusing, or donating.

I started working for myself in 1972, doing odd jobs for $5 an hour after I had moved from NYC to upstate NY, by cleaning horse stalls, gardening, doing property cleanups, fencing, and small demolitions.  When I bought a pickup truck, and started hauling away debris and trash, Trash Queen Enterprises, Inc. was born.  My logo was, and still is, “Trash removal with a feminist perspective” because, in those days, in rural upstate NY, folks weren’t quite ready for “Trash removal with a lesbian perspective.”  I wanted to emphasize that a woman could do at least as good a job as a man, and perhaps better!

Life always seems to be about moving the piles—literally or figuratively, regardless of whether it’s upstate NY or here in St. Pete, where my partner and I moved in January. With my truck and trailer in tow, I’m available for inside and outdoor, seasonal and year-round, residential and commercial clean ups, as well as garages, sheds, yards, home organization, and estate sale preparation. 

We all have too much stuff, but keeping junk around is, in my experience, bad for your soul.  It gets in the way of moving forward, making necessary changes, and just moving on and lightening your load!  My clients usually feel vastly relieved on a lot of levels when the job is done and I pull out of the driveway.  So what if it belonged to your ex? It’s time for it (her, him, them?) to go! 

Free estimates and consultations happily given, and I do return calls and I do show up. You can’t miss me, the truck says, in big red letters, The Trash Queen!

Kathy Rieser  845-866-3867



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