Women: To Get Ahead, Be Nice

| August 10, 2017

Women Must Be Nice To Gain Influence At Work, Study Finds. For men, it’s optional.
By Emily Peck, Huffington Post Women —

“Girls are taught at a young age that it’s important to be nice ? sugar and spice and all that. And the pressure to please doesn’t let up for grown women with jobs, according to a study to be published in the Human Resource Management Journal.”

“For a woman to be considered confident and influential at work, she not only must be viewed as competent, she must also be liked, concludes the study, conducted by professors at three different European business schools.”

“For men, being liked ? defined in the study as exhibiting pro-social traits, like kindness and helpfulness ? did not matter.”

“Women are often criticized for not exhibiting confidence at work, but this research complicates that assessment. It also casts doubt on a theory that has gained traction ? that simply developing a “power pose,” a confident way of sitting, helps project confidence.”

“Men only need to do well at their jobs to be viewed as confident, according to the study. And when workers project confidence, they are more likely to elicit respect, appear trustworthy and gain credibility in their organization, the authors write.”



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