Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for August 2017

| August 1, 2017

by Flash Silvermoon — I must sincerely apologize for not sharing Astroflash since April however I was needing to take more personal time for healing and doing this work monthly is quite challenging.  I am feeling the hi energy of the LEO NEW MOON moving more creative energy through me and am looking forward to sharing the energies of this Eclipse filled month .This will be a month that we will all remember for a long time. Mars is also conjoining the Sun right now so we are all likely to feel more action oriented.

The month of August begins with the celebration of Lammas on Aug. 2. This is a Pagan Holy Day that honors a time of HARVEST. This is a good time to ask ourselves, “What are you Harvesting?” If you don’t feel that the answers suit your authentic self or mission plan,then the upcoming Eclipses will give you plenty of time to wander through your shadows and gain a new clarity and much more light on your path.

So many retrograde planets this month too: Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Pluto and on Aug 3 Uranus, the revolutionary will begin its retro movement followed by Mercury Retrograde on the 14th geez!! As I have said many times, retrogrades are not negative but all retrogrades share the process of the energies going internal which makes them slower than with the forward motion.
It can be the pause that refreshes, or keeps you from running headlong into a disaster or it can just feel limiting or frustrating if you persist in “pushing the river.”  Retrogrades can also manifest “Blasts from the past” especially with the personal planets however if you have an old flame that shows up, you are more likely to be reminded why they are an X!


ARIES – Uranus is at the tail end of its tour through my sign and it has been a wild ride. I do like excitement but sometimes enough is enough and one needs a little peace and grounding.

TAURUS – I tend to like a smooth groove but all this Leo energy has got things on fire and if anything I am feeling over stimulated and challenged to shift some basic choices around to make me engage life very differently.

GEMINI – All the fire just turns me on.I am not looking forward to Mercury retro as it always puts a cramp in my style but with all the good fiery energy I might just over ride some of the retro funk.Let’s talk about this Eclipse coming up!

CANCER – I have been loving having Venus in my sign. Yes I may be overly sensitive behind that energy but this transit also tends to make everyone else more sensitive which proves to offer me a softer ride through these Cardinal Squares and Crosses.

LEO – Wow so many planets in Leo this month. That’s me shining full of light and that is perfect for me.Time for the Open Heart. As the song goes,”Let Love Rule!” Yeah my ego could feel very expanded and I can be that way but let me entertain and set a positive creative tone for all.

VIRGO – Soon all that Leo will wander into my sign and right now Mercury is in my sign. Typically this is just what the doctor ordered but Mercury is after all in Retrograde by the middle of the month.I know double and triple check everything. I usually am very attentive to detail but during this time even I can make a mistake or two.

LIBRA – Balance is the word and so hard to achieve. Seems like fire is out of control and so are the waters.Thank goodness Jupiter is still in my sign and giving me a larger than life energy to handle these extremes.If anyone knows how to negotiate some middle ground it is me so join me on a more peaceful path.

SCORPIO – Go deep or go home I say. Leo and Scorpio don’t exactly have the best chemistry but surely some intense sparks could fly this month. let’s face it I do love intensity, not necessarily DRAMA but as long as you can share something of substance I am game.

SAGITTARIUS – That’s me with Saturn wrapping me up in her 3 rings. We have been dancing with these limits for a couple of years now and I must admit that it has been sort of tedious for a fun lover like me. The good thing is that I have taken care of some important journeys so all is well.

CAPRICORN – Pluto and I have become such good friends over the years. My life has been simmering in the Cauldron of Transformation for so many years that I have gotten used to the chaos and really like the person that I have become.

AQUARIUS – With two Eclipses, one Lunar in my sign and the other Solar Eclipse bringing me into the picture my energy for community and talent for bringing groups together will be much needed.Some of the  vibes may feel intense and crisis oriented but these are the times when I shine the brightest.

PISCES – Water water everywhere with Neptune and Chiron in my sign. Sometimes that feels soothing and like I am totally in my element and sometimes I feel so damn vulnerable. Do I have to feel EVERYTHING? OK it makes me good at my work but sometimes I just need a little peace.


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