California Transgender Women Running for Congress

| August 7, 2017

GayStarNews has introduced us to Terra Snover, a trans woman running for Congress in California’s 10th congressional district. She is the state’s first openly transgender politician and plans to stand up for LGBT people nationwide.

One of Snover’s top priorities is California’s water. ‘As a state, we have been having water problems for years and have only just “gotten out” of our most recent water crisis. And other states have faced similar problems. So I’m hoping to introduce a legislation once I’m in the office that addresses the water problems we have now and as well as those we will face in the future,’ she tells GSN.

Another important issue on Snover’s roster is healthcare. This hot-button issue affects those in California as well as the rest of the country. Snover believes the answer to America’s health care issue is single-payer healthcare, also known as Medicare-for-all.

‘From a fiscal standpoint, it saves us money as a country, it cuts administration cost, completely eliminates the issue of non-payment in hospitals and destroys the hidden charges that insurance companies routinely hit us with today,’ Snover explains.



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