Everywhere in the US You Can Get Fired for Being LGBT … Including Florida

| August 30, 2017

FastCompany reports that “states that protect LGBT employees from discrimination are still in the minority, but businesses are becoming more vocal advocates.”

“If there were any lingering doubts that President Donald Trump does not intend to be known as the champion of LGBT rights that Candidate Donald Trump was vowing himself to be this time last year, his administration put them to rest last month. In an unusual brief filed recently in a New York federal court, the Justice Department declared LGBT Americans to be unprotected by federal non-discrimination statutes that Obama officials had previously considered to cover them.”

“The move wasn’t so much a rewriting of law as a reversal in the interpretation of it. Despite decades of efforts, the 1964 Civil Rights Act has never been amended to explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity under Title VII, whose language bars discrimination based on “race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.”

“Even before the Justice Department’s change in position, LGBT employees across the U.S. were subject to dramatically different employment protections depending on where they live, ranging from robust to virtually none at all. (Title VII’s protections, it should be noted, only cover workers at companies that employ 15 people or more.) Now that the Justice Department has clarified that it sees previous, more inclusive rulings by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as legally meritless, states that lack LGBT non-discrimination protections are left wondering which of those two federal agencies to abide by.”

“Nevertheless, Trump’s tenure in the White House hasn’t dramatically changed the patchwork legal landscape that existed before he took office. Since Fast Company last surveyed LGBT workplace protections in March 2016, that map is virtually unchanged.”


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