VIDEO: Lady Gaga Raises Flag for Equality on World Tour Opening Night

| August 7, 2017

After raising a rainbow flag tossed onstage by an audience member, Lady Gaga called on fans to “stop throwing stones at your sisters and brothers.”

Huffington Posts’s Noah Michelson shared this account and video:

“Lady Gaga took a moment to give a shoutout to equality during the opening night of her “Joanne” world tour on Monday.”

“The pop star kicked off the tour, filled with fan favorites like “Poker Face” and “Million Reasons,”  in Vancouver, Canada, in support of her most recent album, “Joanne.”

“Halfway through the show, an audience member threw an LGBTQ Pride flag toward the stage and, upon seeing it, Gaga asked a security guard to hand it to her.”

“Needless to say, I have a lot to say about this issue,” Gaga told the crowd, which erupted in applause, before quoting lyrics from her song “Come To Mama.”

“But the most important thing that I’ve got to say about it is that everybody’s got to love each other,” she said. “You gotta stop throwing stones at your sisters and your brothers. ’Cause it wasn’t that long ago that we were all just living in the jungle.”




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