Florida Keys will Reopen to Visitors This Sunday!

| September 27, 2017

Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma, the Florida Keys including Key West, will reopen to visitors on Sunday, October 1st.

GayStarNews reports that “the announcement by local government officials comes just over two weeks after the region was hit by Hurricane Irma.”

A spokesperson for the region said: ‘Potential visitors are advised that while it is safe to travel to the Keys, recovery efforts are ongoing, especially in the Lower Keys and parts of Marathon which were hardest hit by the Category 4 storm.

‘Not all lodging is operating on a normal basis currently and this includes RV resorts and other tourism facilities throughout the Keys. The districts of Key Largo and Key West were the least impacted, however visitors planning to travel to the Keys in the coming months are advised to call ahead to ensure their chosen hotels and favorite attractions are open.”

‘Motorists should use extreme caution when navigating Marathon and the Lower Keys regions and stay off side roads to avoid hindering restoration activities. Bridges on the Florida Keys Overseas Highway have passed inspections and any necessary repairs have been made.”



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