Melissa Etheridge Arrested in North Dakota for Possession of Medical Marijuana Oil

| October 22, 2017

Photo By James Michin III

Melissa Etheridge was arrested August 17 in North Dakota for marijuana possession, TMZ reported October 14. Melissa and rocker Todd Rundgren were both arrested after their tour buses were stopped by US Customs and Border Patrol.

Melissa has spoken publicly about using medical marijuana to manage pain from breast cancer. That’s legal in her home state California, but in ND it’s still illegal. She was booked for possession of a controlled substance … took a super pleasant mug shot, and pleaded not guilty.

Although she is now cancer free, Etheridge told Billboard last year that she continues to benefit from using marijuana. Melissa produces cannabis products in California with her company Etheridge Farms.

“I believe anybody who smokes cannabis is using it medicinally, whether they consider it so or not,” Etheridge says. “If it’s my means of relaxing and unplugging and de-stressing at the end of the day, who’s to say that’s not good medicine? Isn’t that what you do when you take your Ambiens and your Valiums and stuff? It’s the same thing. My stress level and all the things I felt contributed to my cancer 12 years ago, I absolutely treat them everyday by smoking cannabis and keeping a balance in my life.”

TMZ reported that Melissa and Todd were both arrested — on separate dates — in North Dakota after their tour buses were stopped by U.S. Customs. According to docs, Melissa’s bus was returning to the U.S. on August 17. After a K-9 unit detected possible drugs, agents found marijuana oil.

As for 1970s rocker Rundgren — Customs arrested him on September 9 when his bus was stopped. The dogs missed it, but agents found 2 vapes and containers with liquid THC.


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