Sarasota Thanksgiving

| November 28, 2017

Many thanks to ProSuzy member, Mary, from Sarasota and her helpers for preparing another wonderful Thanksgiving dinner to share with lesbians who might have otherwise spent the holiday alone. “Without you keeping this going year after year a lot of us would be celebrating alone,” says one gal who comes to all of Mary’s house events.

Mary says 17 women came for Thanksgiving – seven had never attended before, two had not attended for a while.  Fourteen ladies learned about the dinner from their ProSuzy email. Mary reports as expected, the favorite foods were the Turkey, which attendees described as moist and tasty,  and Sweet Potato casserole (with no marshmallows). GF and Vegan Lasagna was also a hit.

C. G. who drove two others from the St. Pete-Gulfport area said this was the first ProSuzy event that she had attended where she actually met and spoke with women whom she believed will become friends.  “Having the opportunity to meet and speak with people in the comfortable and relaxed surroundings of my beautiful home, sharing a delicious meal, and being able to laugh and enjoy each other’s company left  her feeling grateful,” Mary says, “and isn’t that a real Thanksgiving. Most of all her thanks to me for making it happen.”

From N.B. “Thank you so much, Mary.  You embody the “giving” in Thanksgiving. You are so welcoming and comforting.  We all belonged. Thanks for your loving kindness.”

From  a gal who had attended Mary’s dinner before:  “Thank you for putting forth the money, time,  organization and friendship for a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering.  It was very nice.  I met some really interesting people.”

Then from a gal who is at Mary’s house events often and was one of those who helped me on Thanksgiving: “Thanks for all the energy and details that went into your preparations. You seem to have a natural ability to cook and organize.  It was a pleasure to eat such good food and enjoy the fellowship with the group and  you as well.”

And from another who comes to all Mary’s house events. “A very big thank you to you for doing the Thanksgiving dinner get together.  Without you keeping this going year after year a lot of us would be celebrating alone.”

“That is why I had to do this again even with having a hard time walking, standing and carrying.  I could not have done this without the help of others. Thanks to everyone who helped and to ProSuzy for sending the invitation out.”
— Mary

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