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| December 6, 2017

Last summer ProSuzy joined hands with the LGBT Institute at the Center for Civil and Human Rights and Georgia State University (GSU) LGBT Institute to seek participants in one of the largest surveys ever conducted of LGBTQ individuals in the South.

“We’d like to have at least 6,000+ people take the survey and we’re almost there,” according to Ryan M. Roemerman, Executive Director, LGBT Institute.

“It’s crucial folks tell their stories,” Roemerman says. “The more people take the survey, the better the data we’ll be able to provide as organizations work to create change across the South!”

This is a study of, by and for Southern LGBTQ people, with the support of many community and grassroots organizations across the southern US. The goal is to raise the voices of LGBTQ Southerners and highlight the issues affecting our lives, in order to create a more safe and welcoming South.

One third of the LGBT population in the United States resides in the South! Collecting the experiences of LGBTQ Southerners through data is critical to addressing issues affecting our communities.

If you have not taken the Southern Survey, we encourage you to do so today and help organizations advance LGBTQ equality, inform grassroots strategies and policy agendas for many years to come. In 20-30 mins you can help determine public health funding for our community.

Remember, what gets studied is what gets done. Your input can help determine local and state priorities for LGBTQ people. We need to hear from you.


Launched on June 19, 2017, the survey has been in the works since 2015. The survey touches on a broad range of topics, including education and employment, health and wellness, criminal justice and safety, sexual and gender identity and discrimination. The survey will close in November 2017. Steps have been taken to keep responses and the identities of participants anonymous.

LGBT Institute Executive Director Ryan Roemerman says the need for this survey has become more urgent than ever this year as LGBTQ people are being erased from policy and research. This study will make it clear that our lives and our experiences will not be erased.

Roemerman also notes that the South is under attack most often when it comes to anti-LGBT legislation even though more LGBT people live in the South than anywhere else in the country. Compared to all LGBT funding, the South receives little for research, he says. “We want to help fill this gap.”

Surveys are being distributed online to LGBTQ adults living in 14 southern states including: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. Data will be collected via public invitations over a 6-month period. Responses are anonymous and untraceable.

The study’s initial focus will be on preparing a series of public reports about the life of LGBTQ people living in the South as a region, and in each of the focus states. At the conclusing of the survey, the reports will be made publicly available via the LGBT Institute’s website:

Participants will be asked to provide only their state and zip code. In order to determine eligibility, respondents will be asked to verify that they are over age 18, identify as LGBT, and currently reside in one of the focus states. The survey includes questions about participants’ living situation, education and employment, and access to healthcare. Other questions will address political attitudes and perceptions of and involvement in the local LGBTQ community.

The full survey takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. Because of the length of time, respondents will be able to stop the survey and return to it where they left off. Previously answered questions will be hidden if another user hits the back button.

To protect respondents, the online survey is anonymous and the information is encrypted when it is transferred to GSU. IP addresses and other identifying information will not be collected.




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