Fay Jacobs Wins Rainbow Book Award

| December 12, 2017

Author and humorist Fay Jacobs’ book Fried & Convicted – Rehoboth Beach Uncorked has just been named one of the top three Best LGBT Books of the Year for 2017 from the International Rainbow Awards.

The annual contest included more than 400 books from all over the world, juried by 137 judges, and included submissions from mainstream, independent, and self-publishers.
Fried & Convicted, from Bywater Books, is Jacobs’ fifth collection of essays from the publications Letters from CAMP Rehoboth and Delaware Beach Life. It’s taken the number three spot for the top three LGBT books of the year from the Rainbow Awards.  

In Fried & Convicted, the author of four hilarious memoirs As I Lay Frying, Fried & True, For Frying Out Loud and Time Fries returns with more biting observations and laugh out loud dispatches from her life as a magazine scribe and sit-down comic. She takes on the absurdities of contemporary life from her boardwalk bench in Rehoboth Beach.  

This time she’s dealing with spinach as Big Brother, kayaking with alligators, the madness of miracle suits, a streaming pile of TV shows and breaking into show biz at an age she’d be more likely to break a hip.

Previously, Jacobs has received awards from the American Library Association, the Independent Book Publishers’ Association, Foreword Magazine and Golden Crown Literary Society, plus induction into the Saints & Sinners Literary Hall of Fame. She has been writing her columns in Rehoboth Beach and beyond for the past 22 years.

Jacobs says “I’m stunned and thrilled to be recognized like this from the Rainbow Awards, especially considering the global reach and number and caliber of entries. And the timing is good, as books do make great holiday gifts. Given the news these days, a gift of laughter for the holidays might be quite appreciated.”

Find Fried & Convicted or any of her other books online at Bywater Books.com or Amazon.com. For more information, visit www.fayjacobs.com


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