Lesbian Sailor to Celebrate 5th Gay Games

| December 20, 2017

Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10 will take place in Paris, France, Aug. 4-12, 2018. Registration is now open for athletes in over 30 different sports.

Lesbian Sailor Heather Stewart shared the following post on Outsports earlier this month:

“My Year of 5s.” That’s what I’m calling 2018. I’ve got big plans and celebrations for next year that will all start with my attendance and participation in the Gay Games 10 in Paris.

“There are a number of references to five in my life next year. In August 2018, I will be turning 55 years old…there are a couple of fives right there! This is the Gay Games 10, which is a multiple of five, and this will be my fifth Games competing in sailing.

“I am one of the original members of the San Francisco Sailing Team (SFST) who traveled to Sydney in 2002. Founded by Katharine Holland and Kip Darcy, we started organizing in 2000 to be ready to participate in the inaugural hosting of sailing as a sport in the Gay Games.

We were so excited — and good at organizing — there were 30 of us from San Francisco who registered as soon as registration was open, already having created our 10 teams. I am now one of only three sailors from the Bay Area to have competed in each of the Games since then. Each of my experiences competing in sailing was uniquely different and challenging, and I expect Paris to be nothing less.


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