Two Moms, Two Kids Featured in Target Jammies Ad

| December 6, 2017

Lesbian Mom blogger recently shared a link to Target’s online catalog page featuring a real-life two-mom family modeling its holiday pajamas, and one of the moms has kindly shared a little about their experience for Mombian readers:

Becky Evan (the taller mom) is a training and operations executive at Target, and lives with her wife Vicki Evan and their two boys in Minneapolis. She told Mombian that the company put out an open call to team members asking them to model the family matching pajama for

She explained: They modeled two sets of pajamas, one with stripes and one with tiny little gnomes (which look like Christmas trees from a distance). She also tells us, “They were amazingly comfortable. The stripped ones felt like my favorite t-shirt material. And the gnomes are so warm … which is Minnesota is a necessity in winter.”

The ads are only the latest example of the company’s commitment to supporting and including the LGBTQ community.



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