Writer Rayya Elias, Partner of Eat, Pray, Love Author Elizabeth Gilbert, dies at 57

| January 10, 2018

Posted by Women in the World: “Syria-born writer Rayya Elias, the partner of Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, has died of pancreatic and liver cancer at the age of 57. In emotional posts shared by Gilbert on social media, she wrote that being with Elias had “been the greatest honor of my life” and that “I will always love you.” Just four days ago, Gilbert had posted a picture of the couple celebrating the New Year together on Instagram.”

“She was my love, my heart, my best friend, my teacher, my rebel, my angel, my protector, my challenger, my partner, my muse, my wizard, my surprise, my gift, my comet, my liberator, my rock star, my completely impossible non-cooperator, my otherworldly visitor, my spiritual portal, and my baby,” wrote Gilbert on Facebook. “I loved you so much, Rayya. Thank you for letting me walk with you right to the edge of the river.”

“In September 2016, just two months after Gilbert announced that she had ended her marriage with Jose Nunes, the Brazilian trader she met and famously wrote about in Eat, Pray, Love, Gilbert revealed that she had fallen in love with her best friend, Rayya Elias. Prompting the public declaration was a grim reality — Elias had recently been informed that she was suffering from terminal cancer.”





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