VIDEO: Charlize Theron Portrays Bisexual Mom in Sundance Favorite ‘Tully’

| February 7, 2018

Compiled from reports by the Washington Blade, the Advocate and Variety —

At Sundance Film Festival, the Advocate reports that a surprise premiere screening of the highly anticipated Tully starring Oscar-winner Charlize Theron was an audience favorite. Tully is screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman’s third film project.

The Miami Film Festival has selected Tully, as the opening night film of its 35th edition on March 9 at the Olympia Theater.

Theron embodies Marlo, an exhausted mother who just gave birth to her third (and unplanned) child. Her husband is pseudo-involved, her five-year-old son struggles with undiagnosed emotional problems, and days before delivery she runs into the love who ruled her long-gone twenties: another woman.

The film subtlety features Marlo’s bisexually without making an issue of it, presenting Tully as a rare film where LGBT characters are allowed to exist outside their queer identities, or in Marlo’s case, struggle to keep going.

On the brink of an emotional breakdown, Marlo’s affluent brother gifts her a night nurse (Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” episode’s star Mackenzie Davis) who goes by the film’s name. At 26, Tully can only be described as a millennial Mary Poppins. The youthful help supports Marlo, performing household miracles that transform her into the high-achieving, cupcake-baking mother she’s always been too overburdened to be. As much as Tully fixes, she alerts Marlo to how much she’s struggling to come to terms with the adult woman she’s grown into. Theron, who gained a significant amount of weight for the part, looks into the mirror to find an overworked and undersexed mom of three who barely resembles the woman she was in her wild youth.

Tully hits theaters on April 20.



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