Suggest An Event for the ProSuzy Weekly Activity List

The ProSuzy Activity List is sent weekly, usually on Wednesdays. Most events & activities are listed free.

If the event has a cover charge or ticket sales – there is a charge to have this in the Activity List. If this event is held at a venue that will benefit from the advertising even though the event is free – there will be a charge. If this is a free event at a home, park or hall where no one will be selling or charging – there is no charge to have it on the Activity List. We can also send out full page ads for these if that is requested and digital artwork is provided (.jpg or .pdf). There may be a charge to send full page blasts for your events. ( see ad page or email FMI)  If there is a charge we may need to contact you for more information … Thank you again for the events you plan. Each one helps bond our community just a little bit more. You are the best.

Event Information

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