Gulfport Womyn’s Salon

Gulfport Womyn's Salon

Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know
About the Gulfport Womyn’s Salon

Meets: 3rd Sunday of the month 6:30 – 8:30pm

Location: Long Center Yoga Room
20th Ave and 49th St. South, Gulfport

Contact: Anna 727 415 3804


  1. It is a monthly gathering of womyn (straight, bi, transgender, gay – all women welcomed) to discuss fun topics. At this time there are only gay women coming, but all are welcomed if in the future. There is no Board of Directors or Bylaws.
  2. Is there a cost? No…and we hope it stays that way. At present we have a great meeting hall for free, and we take up a donation for the owner of the building.
  3. Food? The meeting is 2 hours long. Some bring snacks to share and drinks, but there is no focus on food.
  4. We meet for 45 minutes, take a 15 min break to stretch our legs, and then reconvene to finish the discussion. We have not been taking a break and we decided we are all uncomfortable sitting for 2 hours.
  5. Is it ok to “drop by”? Not really – please come on time as there is a set program. It is not a party, it is a group processed gathering, where we take turns talking.
  6. What are the topics? For now we pick topics out of a hat. We can have speakers, plays, music, whatever the group wants. All one has to do is get involved and volunteer to set up a program, and lead it. All are encouraged to take turns leading, keeping us on topic, being time keepers so no one talks too long, and everyone gets a chance to speak.
  7. How many come? As of the 4th meeting, about 28 came. The room is too small to break up into small groups, but anything is possible as to what YOU want to have happen.
  8. Is it a support group? NO – there are support services at the Metro Center, Senior Citizens’ Centers and Churches. We meet to laugh and share. It is not a place to share your personal issues or health problems.
  9. All ages and couples, singles are welcomed and encouraged for diversity.
  10. If individuals want to swap information, they are welcomed to do that after the gathering.
  11. RSVP needed? Not as long as we have a nice big room like we have now.
  12. How did it start? At the Gulfport Womens’ Center Meetings, Anna asked why we could not just re-start Salon ( a gathering we had years ago in Pinellas County), instead of waiting for a building for such a center … So I did just that.
  13. Next Meeting: September 20       6:30 – 8:30PM     Location above.