What Women Say About ProSuzy

Hello ProSuzy lezzos!
“Your newsletter with all it’s information was so helpful to us in organising our stay in Gulfport (Lesbian Central !).
We really enjoyed the dance, and would’ve gone to the volleyball, but is was a whippin’ wind on the day.  Jean especially liked the drumming on the beach.
Of course STELLA’S became our regular eatery whilst we were in town…. the sausage gravy is the best EVER !!
Now we are in Tampa for Old Lesbians Organising for Change (OLOC).  WHEEEEEEEEE.
Thanks especially to Carol, Marge, & Sue for making us feel so welcome.
Hopefully see some of yous at OLOC this weekend.”
Ardy and Jean from Australia

“Hi y’all! Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate all the effort, time and heart it takes to plan events for all of us. You give us a way to meet, to smile, to make our worlds round again, if even for a few hours. You are both selfless souls so for that and so much more we thank you.” – Misty and Cindy

“I just wanted to thank you for suggesting a “mingle” in Sun City Center.  These ladies are so grateful, so look forward to coming out each first Monday, and the owners of Bella’s are MOST delighted that the mingle is at their restaurant.  The ladies, in general, never even knew they had a “lesbian community” until the mingles…just love seeing them coming out and having so much fun…we know this is one of the “older group” of ladies, and somehow, that makes it even more special.  THANK YOU!” – Cyndi & Rebecca

“We moved to Florida 11 years ago and it wasn’t until we found ProSuzy, last year, that we finally connected with the Lesbian community. We have had a wonderful time attending the mingles in Sarasota and Sun City Center; but more importantly, we have made new friends that we would otherwise have never met if not for ProSuzy.”

“We are extremely grateful to you and all you do to unite our community.” – Maritza & April
“My spouse and I really appreciate ProSuzy.  We moved to St. Pete in Oct., attended one of your Mingles at the Hollander, met some lovely folks, and have been introduced to the most delightful community we’ve been a part of!  And we’re meeting new people all the time.  Thank you!!” — New to ProSuzy, St Pete

“I have been attending events in the Sarasota area for years. I have been to the dances and dinners, and also a woman’s house near the hospital off highway 41. I have met many wonderful women, and had lots of fun. I will be on the lookout for events nearby. I’m 74, live alone with my cat, been alone since my partner made her transition 22 years ago. I would like to date again. I miss dinner, and a movie, and someone to dance with. I think young. The gals are great.” — Julie, Sarasota

cyndi-burger-300x150We are so looking forward to seeing you again and doing your functions come March – The Gulfport Artsy Phartsy Chili Cookoff March 20 and the Hollander Mingle on March 21.  Also love the ladies come out for the wonderful ProSuzy Events…YOU STAND OUT because your events are SPECIAL. The community appreciates you girls…more than you probably know..Thank You!
— Cyndi & Rebecca

from Anna L —

When Suzanne Noe started Prosuzy around 2001, it was not called Prosuzy, it was a fun little party e-mail list that I was happy to be a part of. Her list jumped overnight to hundreds, and soon people wanted to advertise on it because of the numbers. After much research, she started the ProSuzy website … and the rest is herstory.

When Suzanne moved  out of the area in April 2015, I thought it would all be over. But along came two well known movers and shakers of our community, Amy and Lynn. I was not surprised they were the ones who picked up Prosuzy and RAN with it!

ApeSanctuaryGroupProSuzy has been the reason we were able to form a new SALON, and have so many other super activities, such as the movie at the Gulfport Library, (47 showed up) … and the recent trip to the Center for Great Apes (52 came from all over Florida!)

ProSuzy has been there for every need I have had, trying to gather friends from all over for sisterhood and FUN! Their response is immediate for ideas and planning…and we are SO LUCKY they are the ones who landed Prosuzy when they did!

Sincerely, Anna L

HollyCloseup3Holly S Sorensen — “Wow! What a moving movie! (Freeheld – Free early screening at Westshore AMC, Tampa) I did not know about this story, but it was well done and well worth seeing! I’ll be looking to see this one again. Thanks ProSuzy for making this opportunity for us to see this film!”

“I want to say a word about the film, Freeheld, which ProSuzy brought to the lesbian community last week. I saw the 2007 documentary, which was raw and riveting, especially at a time when “gay marriage” was not something Americans accepted. Julianne Moore and Ellen Page’s portrayal was equally powerful, especially as it highlighted Lauren Hester’s commitment to equality, in marriage and all else. That stars of Moore and Page’s stature are willing to carry the story of two lesbians’ love into the mainstream says so much about the progress that has been made in opening hearts as well as minds to the reality of LGBTQ lives. Thank you, ProSuzy, for facilitating the showing!”

“As a newcomer to Gulfport, your news of events is perfect for introducing me to the community. MANY thanks for your great work!” … Susan

“Thanks so much for your wonderful service.” Doe

“Thanks again for all of your hard work for our community…….take some time for yourself and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” PH

“I just wanted to let you know how much your service in this area for lesbian activities is appreciated!!!!! A thousand thank you’s from the bottom of my heart for this very worthwhile endeavour. You are especially filling a void in the lesbian community since Bridget’s Bookstore in St.Pete closed. I wish you much happiness in your life and may only good things come your way. Sincerely” M

Thank you, EVERY ONE on ProSuzy, for making all this possible. Thank you all.

Thanks! You’re a blessing to the Lesbian community. I’m glad I found you. SR

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this site. We are planning on moving to St. Pete in May of 2007 and this site is so helpful and just plain fun to read through! Thanks, MB

Hi!  I presently reside in Orlando but am contemplating making a move in the near future to the Sarasota area !  I think it’s wonderful that you’ve created such a top notch organization. It is such a wonderful way for women to meet women. It is phenomenal all that is going on in and around the Tampa/St. Pete/Sarasota areas….thanks to YOU and your efforts !  That’s another reason why I’d like to become a resident over on that side of the world !!!  LS

Hi I just wanted to say that tonight was the first time I attended a ProSuzy event.  And I just wanted to say thank you and that I had the best time.  Thanks again and look forward to more events in the future. AW

“This list is amazing….truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my travels. Still looking forward to meeting the master behind the plan–you!” ML

“You are so very valuable with all that you do to notify me about the activities so I may choose the ones that suit me and there are many. The ProSuzy network reaches out to so many and has certainly changed my life in the Tampa Bay Area. I am blessed to have found you. Very sincerely,” JO

“I love, love, love my new home…thanks to you ProSuzy. Without your website I would have never met sooo many nice people!!! I will help in any way I can. No wind, no rain, no winter storm can stop me babe, oh babe…just call my name.” RL

“Hello. I first would like to tell you how grateful I am for your website. I just moved from Philadelphia and thanks to your website am already “plugged in” to the Tampa scene. Thanks again for the excellent service this website offers.” TS

“Thanks for all you’ve done to get and keep our community going strong.” LM

“Someone forwarded your activity list to me & I am impressed.” CS

“I know I shouldn’t reply, except I just have to say thank you for such a wonderful thing you do for all of us … so many events and not enough time…but look at our choices” KC

“I was one of those Womyn who sat at home and complained that there was nothing to do in this town. A friend asked me to check out the ProSuzy List and I was amazed at what activities were available all around me. Volleyball, softball, kayaking, line dancing, prayer meeting just to name a few. I have met a lot of wonderful friends and have come out of my social “closet” so to speak. It has truly changed my outlook and my life.” TZ